Podcast Recording Project – My Favorite Song


For this project I wrote a script analyzing my favorite elements of the song I chose, “Girls Not Grey” by AFI. I then turned it into a podcast using my favorite microphone, the Blue Baby Bottle.


Volume Fader – A sliding mechanism on a mixer that adjusts volume

Pan (Stereo Image) – A knob, or slider that moves the sound source between the left and right sides of a channel, headphones or speakers.

Clipping – When amplitude is too high (higher than 0dB) a digital audio signal can distort which is called clipping

Equalizer (EQ) – A device that can boost or retard a certain range of frequencies, such as bass, treble, or middle frequencies

Bus Track – A track that can send various signals to other tracks

Automation – A process that lets pan and volume be adjusted automatically during the playback

Audio Compression – When louder elements are made quieter and softer elements are made louder. Think of it like this: picture a sound wave, what compression does is squish the parts of the sound wave that go too low or too high

Bass – The lower range of frequencies in human hearing, that tend to be felt through vibrations, as well as heard.

Treble – The higher range of frequencies in human hearing, the highest of which may become harder and harder to hear as one ages.

Reverb – An device that can make a sound source sound as if it were in a room or hallway.

My Script

Audio Mixed Podcast

What I Learned

During this project I learned how to create a podcast using a two-column script. A problem I had was trying to upload my podcast without it getting taken down due to copyrights. It took three tries but I eventually edited my podcast differently so it wouldn’t get taken down.

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